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jib catenary


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well it was a great weekend at jbsc wa

incidentally, as gazzo may attest too

2 good sails sat morn and arvo

and same sunday

15 - 18 knots


unfortunately left wetty pants on both days

feeling bit crook with a cold now

hey having probs with jib

can you please assist, ta?

have masked rake well back, it doesn't nosedive!

but hard to tack

have to let jib out a bit, hitherto tacking about, before backing jib, that helps

but the jib sailshape has a fairly big bow in it, like a catenary

the jib single forestay is a fair bit looser than the jib when the jib halyard is cranked on

have it tied with spectra very close to mast fitting via halyard

little stretch if any..

thinking about reswaging jib wire stay

but that probably won't make much difference actually

guessing it must be affecting top end performence

[as proven by hobie 16 blasting by me]

although it tracks straight with no lee or weather helm

i'm stuck, not in irons luckily,

note the jib starts fluttering abd flapping about when hard pressed on the nose

so, what to do?

d'you think putting twin forestays back on the bows is worth a try?

or maybe need a new sail?

got any trix?



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bumpety, bumpety bump...

help, help, help!

well, now, guess will have to give it a swing on me ol' lonesome then..

guess will try another jib to start with, and,

could remove the forestay too from bridle after rigging jib

hey, of interest, note with pleasure that the boat has absolutely no tendency whatsoever to nosedive reaching, or downwind, being with the loose jib currently as described, and, if i can't get it happenning on the windy 14 will have to crank the hobie 16 up again i 'spose

parting is such sweet sorrow

there are tears for thing unhappy

thanx in advance

gutta cavat lapidem (L.), the drop wears away the stone

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Are you letting the jib go as you tack or are you leaving it cleated, we leave the jib cleated on as we tack till it blows the bows around through the eye of the wind, only then do we release it, let it blow over to the now leeward side, pull on the sheets, crank in the main and get going.

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Thanks korwich for your expedient reply

leaving jib cleated tight as tacking till making way by backing jib

onto the new tack

then resheeting the jib

leaving the main pretty tight through the tack then letting out and prety quickly back on

but finding boat won't go about through the eye of the wind, am constantly getting stuck in irons

maybe somryhing to do with loose jib wire boltrope?

so, currently finding if letting off a bit of the jib sheet, and then cleating, before tacking, helps me get easily round by backing the jib ok

the thing is

the jib shape is screwy

is it called the leech? its along the wire inner stay


not straight

when hoisted under load

am wondering if losing top end speed

what with this funny jib shape \ a jibbaker?

certainly it starts cracking and flutterin hard on reaching

have to bear away to shut it up

losing valuable ground to the mark

but having no problems whatsoever with the leeward bow diving in when hard pressed foot almost to to the rudder

and, have experienced w14 pitchpoling before, and, burying / popping the bow

hey, is your jib a flat triangle or the front side curved?

how can i get rid of the curve to point better?,

that is, more rig tension on the front

adjust backstays more? they seem ok, boat has good helm

your valuable input certainly appreciated


getting down later this arvy to flip boat on side and have a good bo peep cranked on

homminis est errare (L.), it belongs to man to err


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If the jib luff isn't tight - really tight - under all conditions, you'll never point properly - and you'll have the jib flapping when you're trying to get to windward.

Slow and frustrating - and not a good look...

The boat should have slight weather helm. Too much mast rake makes it hard to tack - but not enough is the biggest killer of handling and speed – so you must find that balance point of slight weather helm - achieved by the correct amount of rake and rig tension. Unfortunately on Windys there's no way to rake the rudders - so it all must be done with the rig...

A well set-up W14 is hard to pitchpole - unless you are driving the boat hard off-wind - and really pushing the limits in a strong wind – and that's true of any high-performance catamaran... less so (of course) with newer designs where the front beam is further aft...

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appreciate the regal advice

seen the sail is marked nats 92


probably blown out

luff is real tight

amost swaged end to tang via spectra halyard

will try a mylar jib i can get my hands on -

can get coupla sets of mylar sails for 300 a set off old club member, no battens 'though

will post when have seen them, being if others may be interested

will fit a jib halyard 6:1 off the hobie, and, may have to shorten luffline and reswage to work, keeping jib low set


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Yo Gazereth78

rocking up early Sat forenoon for a coupla days if you're keen; cheers. Rob plans to sell me some as new hobie 16 sails at a gift price (# late 110 thousands) if you want to come for a blast sometime. You may be interested in crewing next Sunday arvo, after Easter, and season's last race two weeks later. Think you might really like it!

We'll see. Bill is starting a winter series, racing every 3 weeks from club. Talk soon.


ignoti nulla cupido (L.), for a thing unknown there is no desire.

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Yo Gareth, many thanks again for your very useful insight and your much appreciated help, that is, in dropping the sidestays a coupla holes down being combined with hardwiring the jib leech - sweet! That rig sings. Ta. Well, now, omne tulit punctum qui miscuit utile dulci (L.), he scored every point who combined the useful with the sweet.

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