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Bateman's Bay Anzac Regatta

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Forecast is 25 degrees, 10-15 knot northerlies.

All cabins & rooms at the Big4 are booked out, suggesting good attendance this year. Typically there are around 90boats in total, with maybe 10 14'cats and 20 big cats.

For those planning to attend for the first time:

- head east along Beach Rd, and go all the way to the big park at Corrigans Beach. The sand has been hard-packed enough to drive on and unload trailers in the past, and enough people around to push when some didn't quite make it.

- the clubhouse is closer to town, on Hanging Rock Place. It's a couple of minutes drive to go there for registration, briefing and sign-on. Proxies have been allowed for sign-off, so people can stay unrigging the boats.

- the club does provide lunches and a sat night BBQ. There are also many restaurants and clubs.

With so many boats you have to keep your eyes open and put good sportsmanship ahead of strict rule compliance. For example, you might be going upwind on starboard, but that fleet of skiffs has just rounded thier top mark and are charging across on port, completely blind to your existance. I'd tack to keep clear!

Pointed Reply & I have had great Maricat vs Paper Tiger battles over the past few years, with I think 2 wins each and a draw. This year we'll both be on Maris. Carn; give ya race!

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