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Polishing Aluminium

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cripes whatever you do dont drop any mercury on it, will burn a hole straight through it, don't sand with to coarse a grade of sandpaper, leaves scratches, using a green kitchen scourer is best, and, most importantly phosphuric acid is the only answer for any aluminium, 5083, anodised or whatever - find it in , say, rainex or ceptone rust remover being from any auto shop, paint on diluted say about 50% with water, leave about 20 mins and then hose rinse off well, further, you could then paint it with clear spray laquer, top coat to car paint being avaiable in spray cans at auto shop too for extra pizzaz

good luck

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I think the problem with any compound containing grit is that it will compromise the the anodised finish. 3M aluminium restorer is fab on bare aluminium with a non-ferrous scourer then buffed. Don't use steel wool. I think they make a polish suitable for anodised too. I use marine penetrol as polish/sealer for all aluminium. It is real hard work to buff up to a shine but works a treat when you get there.

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you will need a 9" polisher, and some cotton wheels from the welding shop with aluminium wax.

Be prepared to spend hours on it to get a mirror finish, and get very dirty. you need a respirator too!!

I've done both stainless and ali to a professional finish, and i'm reluctant to do so ever again.

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