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Maricat Rules

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We had a "discussion" about rules yesterday. Mick the Mouth was banging on about all sorts of illegalities that patently have no influence on boat speed at all!

It would appear that with the absence of an Association, the bills for the website have gone unpaid and so it is now not available.

However, I did find this: http://boat-boy06.wix.com/mariactsitetest#!home which appears to be a copy of the old site. It has documents dated 2011 (ie the cat rigged champs list goes to 2011) so must have been updated in recent history.

The YA website shows http://www.maricat.com.au/ as the site but it doesn't work now.

Also Ryan and Nick, 8:1 mainsheets are explicitly allowed in fact all blockage is 8:1.


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Is there anyway that we can get the website back, I think it was a needed resource. Membership falls off and the assoc folds and these resources disappear, and I know of 2 blokes who post on here that are members of Manno and Mari sailors who did'nt feel the need to pay any membership, or support titles, even when they were sailed at their club.


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List the information that was on the site and we'll have to see if there's somewhere that they can be deposited for posterity, or until that site goes down too!

I have the rules from the test site and I also have the pdf file of the sail measurement rules. Possibly facebook might have somewhere for them to go there's a Maricat group on there. The rules will need a little tweaking though because they've been edited to fit onto the flash format. Web sites aren't rocket science unless you want something really flashy (like the Maricat site!).

As to the 2 Manno blokes, I'd be one of them. I'm a club sailor and proud of it. I remember when the nats were last sailed at Manno (I sailed in the 14ft group) and one of the other Manno blokes had to stump up a LOT of coin to join the assoc, pay the sub then pay for the entry. I wasn't competitive then, still not. Things have changed of course since then in terms of the assoc but since there's no manufacturer support any more (ie new boats so expensive to drive people to the 430 means no new boats coming through.

I'm sure things might change as these things often do.

I wouldn't have thought we'd have had so many juniors last Saturday, they just suddenly turned up, hopefully there'll be more too we only need a group and then it might catch on. Of course they'll probably drift off again once they have to look for jobs etc but it does mean they might come back later on in life.

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Once they discover skirt they seem to drift off, only to come back later, mainly to get away from the thing that dragged them away in the first place, what do you mean you're not competitive. Right breeze, you are very competitive. I'm the same I need the right breeze to do any good.

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