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change Nats locale to WA?


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If you're prepared to go the extra distance, that is, if there's any problem with a venue, note, -

'tis hereby proposed that we change the next Aus Hobie Nationals from SA to WA, being at JBSC.

You are indeed welcome. Might be a bit far 'though. Any othere poposals then closer to home?

What dates suit everyone? Remember that worlds other side of the country in late jan..

so it's earlier 'round xmas or even earlier maybe? Too hard?

Whatta about next easter then? Temp is a bit cooler.

Please reply.

- heapsa room for hundreds of campers being on the rigging area lawns

- camp for ten bucks a night, ta, and, please stay as long as you want

- canteen, camp kitchen, showers / toilets, bar, etc freely available

- live music provided at night

- bring you own kazoo, tent and sleeping bag and toothbrush - oh, and your boat too

- come to WA and wait awhile



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That's a very good point that you happen to rise Rnie.... Come Xmas there will be hundreds of non sailing campers littering the grounds again for weeks and people turned away at New Years from overcrowding. With no boats on the beach.

Recently there were about a hundred campers there at Easter, and, it's noted in the camping book that only 3 people paid their respective camping fees. Those that pay at other times are subsidying them ...

'Twas earlier heard on the grapevine that one committee member had 16 guests staying over on a weekend near Christmas with them and did not bother pay camping fees. Rank usually imposes obligation.

Note that nil sailing events were held over this particular sailing season, apart from some club races lucky to attract a coupla of entrants or cancelled through lack of interest; it was just recently heard that the Nacra guys had asked if they could put hold their Titles there at JBSC but they were poo-poed by the committee and refused. How embarassing!! How much money would they would have put over the bar? Further, the Round the Sound event was advertized, with it's own website and all, and it came to nought too.

The club has spent about $15k recently on tractors and i still find it hard to go sailing. I need a 4WD. Heaps of money has been blown on maintainence around the joint, mostly through cronyism, ie a guy gets paid $50- an hour on things that are worth less than half that. Other quotes aren't sought. The club had several hundreds of thousands in the bank recently, i've heard that it's now mostly gone. What on? A demountable toilet block? What's happenning?

You can't get to the bottom of what's happenning around the club at Jervoise Bay because things are not transparent and accountable. Minutes of monthly meetings and financial expenditure are not published after the event, nor sent out to members or even posted on the notice boards. As an incorpration, JBSC Inc is acting illegally, that is, as they are obliged to publish their minutes by law when in fact they are not. It seems to me that the current committe members forget that they were elected by other members to represent them fairly. Have just received an Email from the Secretary asking for people to nominate and find a seconder for committee positions that close in less than 24 hours. We truly need something done, say, maybe for the Nedlands Yacht Club to come down and annexe us. The club AGM is soon ...

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