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Mozzie "TEQUILA SLAMMER" Sail #224 on Gumtree at Mt.Barker SA ??


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Just wondering if anybody has had a look over "TEQUILA SLAMMER" Sail #224 on Gumtree at Mt.Barker in South Australia?

Its says its all glass hulls and they have had it ten years but "Tried" to sail her twice only......

Just interested if anybody knows the boat and can give me the heads up wheather its even worth thinking about.

Oh the reason I cant just "have a look" is Im a 6hr drive away in Hamilton Vic, but want to catch up with a long time mate , so might as well buy a boat as well while there !

Any help would be great thanks





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My tuppence, if it's straight fibreglass (not foam) then you're likely to have a nice boat, not necessarily the fastest. Recalling back to my old Fireball days, it wasn't until foam sandwich construction came out (in the 70's) that glass boats became competitive.

You may well have some fun in your new ride, worst case you'll have buckets full of parts.

When I did the same with my current Maricat it was a pig in the poke which has turned out pretty well.

I took down (this was south Sydney so not so far to go as you!) one set of new bearings, bearing grease, the lightboard from my trailer sailer and spent some time redoing and checking stuff. I also took a can of that tyre repair stuff and blew some in just in case (there wasn't a spare and for the small trailers the bearings are in the wheel). It might also be worth taking a new towball hitch - my one was one of those old screw up types and the non-return lever had rusted out - I took a chance.

Do that and worst case you'll get your bucket of spares home with you.


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In my usual rounds of Gumtree to see what on the market I have seen this boat on there for ages. Looks an absolute beauty, if the condition is alright. However, I do question why it has been on there for probably over 6 months now.

Mate, if you like I'd be more than happy to go have a look at her on your behalf, ask them any questions you might have, take some more photos and get back to you, It would be a good excuse for me to go have a look myself, not that I want to buy a new cat, I just like looking at them :)

Let me know if that would help and I could get there to check it out and tell you if it is at least worth a look.

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Im a 6hr drive away in Hamilton Vic' date='[/quote']

your an hour closer than me !!!! ;)

I was at Stawell YC a couple of w/ends back chasing up some "stories" of mossies in that area that were for-sale, I did hear that there are 2 mossies up that way that are ready for new homes, one is a free to good home and the other a cheap fixer upperer, the locals were tight lipped about either boat but I have left my contact details with them, at the moment I'm seeking them out via another route...... I'll keep you informed if I find out anything.


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Thanks for that guys, but I may be heading down the Impulse route after all that.

Thanks Kingy, LOL I was at Stawell on Sunday looking at two Impulse's........I wish I saw your post otherwise I would has asked myself......just in case mind you.......I will drop the Commodore a libe and see what the go is re Mozzie's......

FYI I know of a fairly modern Mozzie down sth from here but it has a major repair needed at he main beam........Dont know if that would suit or not....



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