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Delrin screw size?


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LOL don't worry, apparently there's more than one way to skin a cat!

The screw you're referring to is the white one underneath the white springy ball that goes to the cam?

The screw is white plastic too and it has a wide slot for flat screwdriver? It's probably seized in there from time immemorial!! Is very hard to get out.... If you put rudder upside down and soak screw with WD 40 for a coupla days then drill (middle of slot has small hole as you'll see), and, you may need a longer drill bit from Repco and then put an "EZ out" (self tapping tapered screw with a reverse thread, get at bunnings for a kit of 4 about ten bucks) on with a socket and extension bar (to fit thru) it should do the trick, obviously you'll need new screw afterwards..

A nice bloke was showing me last race week how the rudder cam can get stuck (mine sometimes does) and the rudder won't lock down - so you need to put the main sheet over the cam and pull up if you are out on the water. Cute! Will ask him how he gets the screw out next time i see him, meanwhile i have WD 40'd up the ball and spring and the cam is moving freely now. If you find that the rudder is popping up at speed a trick is to wrap some bungee cord fairly tight around the rudder post near the cam, has worked for me; have heard good things of Brisbane Cat Centre whom may be worth a call, otherwise, good luck


errata, try here, 3 pages worth of ideas to remove screw -


and how to rebuild rudders -


here's pix of cam positioning -


PS -read there are white and black delrin screws, being different sort of threads (metric and US)

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That information is gold thank you. I've had the screws soaking in WD40 for afew days now so ill find out today if that's done the trick. I had no idea about them but having recently replaced both cams realised there was another reason why they were both locked down and seized.

I've found aset of new screws from Bunnings but the threads are wrong hence this post so I'm going to fork out the extra $$ to buy some from Hobie.

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Rudders are finally working and the cams are doing there job which is a relief. Still time will tell if they are set right not to kickup when the swells pickup.

I ended up drilling the existing ones out as they were seized up and I also bit the bullet and got Mal @ Sunstate Hobie to post out some new ones. Next day delivery too!

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