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Changes with the n.s.w Hobie Association


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as a hobie sailor for life i believe that change is needed for our class to prosper! all hobie sailors need to be represented no matter what class and at the moment i feel let down as only 16`s are being represented! do us old men that have put our soles into sailing old mens boats [18`s] give up on this great way of life? when someone, NEIL HAWKINGS who has put his time in for all hobie sailors and can get sponsership and take this fleet to a new level is now about to give up! cos of what he has been told by our nat pres! i will stand for change and hope all other hobie sailors back neil for the future of our class`s! if we lose this man, who has the heart and sole of hobie at heart we will lose all that we love with our class`s! HOBIE ITS A WAY OF LIFE! time to make a comment! as neil will support all hobie class`s. lets not lose a man with heart that has the resolve to sort this, and make hobie the biggest fleet again. brad

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Just a follow up I have now learnt is that in my first statement on here in aug this year there was no such meeting between Mal Gray, Steve Fields at all.

I would like to apologise to Mal , Steve , Mick , Andrew and the rest of the Hobie community for acting under one persons advice and not checking first . I hope I have not done to much damage .

Kind regards


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