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Insurance - Yachting Australia silver card

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Hi guys.

The letter I got from Yachting Australia when I joined my club says that my silver card entitles me to personal accident insurance.

I am pretty sure this is not the insurance I need when clubs ask for $5mil cover if you want to race in a regatta.

Can anyone tell me where you got your insurance for the $5mil cover needed to race in regattas?

Cheers fellas

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Some here go through Suncorp, NRMA, RACQ, Tudor and others, Club Marine and OAMPS are also used but seem to cost more. Some insurers won't touch carbon fibre cats and masts so you need to read the fine print .. Do a search and see previous posts on this forum for more discussion on insurance.. you will need to get a range of quotes to find the best value for money and you may need to haggle on fine points re with insurance staff who have little knowledge on beach cats. Some insurers won't cover cats that are not in current commercial production, if its not on their list they won't help you.

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hmmm interesting, OAMPS is the one that the Yachting Australia thing is with.

Thanks for your response mate. Looks like i'll have to make some calls... I had hoped my club membership gave me this cover, didnt read the print properly, silly me.

One of my customers is an insurance broker, I didnt think to ask him until you mentioned some of those insurers, I know he does work for some of them so at least I can ask him if he can help

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Look up on one of the other insurance threads. YNSW certainly have a deal with, I think OAMPS where if you have one of their 'standard' boats you get insurance at a very good price.

I pay $50 for my Maricat for third party which includes the 5 or 10mil for damaging people plus 'proper' third party insurance for when you damage another craft. I think fully comp is $140 plus you get a free pair of gloves (although mine were XXL, no use to me!).

I think the insurance is with Nautilus.

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I had tried searching 'insurance' on this forum but the result was fruitless.

Your post, however, was gold. I rang Nautilus and a lovely lady directed me to access their site through the NSW yachting page, so I would get a discount. She then instructed me on how to insure my Caper Cat even though it wasnt listed in the list of boats, all up, an excellent customer service experience.

So now I have instant cover, as well as insurance for my boat and trailer too.

Thanks a bunch, Jimbo!

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