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Sail a beachcat to New Zealand?


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42 year old Scott Donaldson is paddling his seagoing kayak to New Zealand after leaving Coffs Harbour today and expects to take up to 60 days to get there.

What would be the minimum sized or equiped cat you would even consider for such a solo trip?

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I dont think size is a huge factor. Seaworthyness would be the only factor, I think. If it can't sink is a good start.

For a cat, well, they are great, but once upside down, what then? If it's a storm that capsizes you, you may have to ride out the storm upside down. And I dont know but I suspect this would do damage to your rigging and sails potentially leaving you stranded.

I'd totally do it though if I didnt have a reputation for becalming everyone within a 500km radius when I try and and plan a sailing trip.

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