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Future of the Maricat. Safe in our kids hands.

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It appears the Association has somehow gone - despite there being thousands of boats around, and LOTS still being sailed every weekend...


I still love having my boat for my kids to learn on - one day there might be Maricat events he can race in (other than the ones we organise ourselves up here).




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As Rodney has told me it isnt gone, just in recession. Yeh it is strange that there are thousands being sailed every week, yet we struggled to get cats of any type to turn up to titles, let alone join the assoc, that was the main thing getting people to join the assoc,so as there was money to pay insurance to allow the assoc to operate. Oh well, I suppose its a sign of the times, we had the local soccer team that my daughter played for close to closing (after about 120 years) just no one was willing to be on the committee, it took the dire threat of closure to get people to put their hands in the air, same I heard on the weekend for the swimming club at Nelsons Bay, it's close to shutting down, they still have 50 or 60 kids swimming comp, just no one wants to be on the committee to organise.


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If I wasn't already on two other committees (plus Commodore of the club), I would happily volunteer to help get the class back on course. Grady up here at Port Q is keen and a good resource for the class, as are another keen local family. I'm sure there are plenty of others up and down the coast who would kick the tin for a small amount if things could be brought back into line.

I'll volunteer a website for free if required.

As long as the Brass Monkey regatta isn't blown or drowned out this year, I'll be there racing with my 5yo son. (We'll leave the kite at home!).

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I've done a little investigation for the Maricat Association 'ex-committee'.

For Volunteer Incorporated Sporting Associations, it is no longer mandatory to have insurance. Incorporation is the key word here.


It looks like there may also be some Government Initiatives around supplying cheap insurance for sporting activities, but it seems again to be more clubs than small Associations. (Insurance if for some reason the association chose to hold it would be approx $900).

The safest bet, is just to be sure wherever you hold events, the club (named in the NOR/SIs as the Organising Authority in conjunction with the Maricat Assoc Inc) is covered.

The only risk then to the Association, is probably an on-shore directive whereby someone is injured, or the association over-ruling an event management decision by an organising club.

So the only thing left to do, is ensure you follow the other book-keeping and meeting requirements, and ensure the Constitution of the class is based on, or compatible with, the rules and regulations of the Dept of Fair Trading.

The fixed cost bills for the season are then AYF Class Affiliation (~$220 from memory) and Yearly financial lodgement (~$48).

Events are then run on a per event profit/loss budget - easy to manage on a per boat fee structure with the host club.

Meetings can be held bi-monthly over Email and/or Skype.

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