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Aluminium Mast Extrusion Manufacturers

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Who manufactures aluminium mast extrusion in Australia. Google has failed to reveal actual manufacturers or even distributors.

Making up a new mast seems a pretty straight forward job with the dogs, mast heads, mast plugs being easy to find to buy. But mast extrusions... not so easy.

Found Dywer masts n the USA. Brilliant site for buying. But I can't imaging air freighting a 6 meter mast.

Any ideas people?

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As I understand it, the various state paper tiger associations all chipped in for a length of mast section to be extruded. I think it was 200m for 30 masts.

The PT association supplied a .dxf file of the required section, specified the alloy and annealing process. The first batch were called "PT Star" masts, and considered better than the USA mast as they were cheaper ($280) and more consistent. Some USA masts were very strong, others not. I'm not sure where exactly the extrusion was done. We call them Chinese masts, but this may not be accurate.

The PT Star masts were popular, and tested to destruction by more than a few of us. A 2nd batch has now been extruded, which are also anodised.

Garry Williams from Wagga Wagga made the arrangements.

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