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Sail box (coffin).......

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I have a smallish sail-box (fibreglass) already fitted to the trailer but its a tight squeeze to store the usual gear.....

2 mains, one jib and a spinnaker + the boom.

Its not too bad if one main sail is left behind but that's not ideal....

looking at installing a 2nd box to ease the pressure on those expensive sails, but where do you get them from, or is it cheaper and simpler to make a plywood box ?


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The purchase and shipping of a professionally made sail-box is out of my budget reaches :mad:

so a plywood unit should do the trick.......

If I fibreglass the inside, would that help with additional strength and maybe the mould issue ????

thoughts ....

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I am currently rebuilding a plywood sailbox , was to large ! . I plan to line the bottom of the box with marine carpet to stop the gear from chaffing .

Never had any problems in the past with mould , however I am thinking of putting in some ventilation vents .

The box is built from 9mm plywood which is more than strong enough depending on how much your trailer supports it .

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Trailer support isn't an issue, if it were then I'd weld in an extra cross-member or 3 :cool: ..... I'll actually modifying the trailer soon anyway !

Old mate was up over the w/end and he suggested I cut the current box in half (length wise) stitch in a plywood widener and simply glass in the strip once I have the desired width.....

actually makes sense as the current coffin will end up beside the shed with all the other don't need it but I might one day pile


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