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'Little' Australia's Cup

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Anyone interested to start promoting a 'little' Australia's Cup series around the time of the America's Cup Series?

All new sailors welcome kinda thing – less emphasis on racing – more on promotion of the 14ft cat classes...

Seems to me this is THE time to get new sailors interested in a 14 footer as a simple, easy, fun way into cat sailing... surely a wasted opp if we don't?

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The F18's had an Australia's Cup at our most recent Nationals. It was a state team event with the top 3 boats from each state's last state titles entered into the event. The scores were based on the fleet place of each race. Queensland won the Australia's Cup this year. The F18's will be holding the Australia's Cup as part of the 2014 nationals in Frankston on the Australia Day long weekend.


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My club resumes sailing on the 7th september. Same day as the americas cup!

I dont see why, with so much time to prepare, many clubs couldnt get in and arrange for an americas cup themed season opening event.

I think it's a great idea, especially if clubs could have some common arrangments such as t-shirts, drink bottles and such to offer competitors.

Of course this would likely require a sponsor - but maybe if a national sponsor could be found, they could match whatever local sponsorship the club can raise (to a point).

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This thread now ties into the 14ft Forum thread which discusses the future of 14ft cat sailing... my idea came about as a way to generate interest in the flagging 14ft plasti-cat fleets - especially on the East Coast. I think it should be named the 'Little Australia's Cup' - or maybe the Mini Australia's Cup ...

Now if we could get the cashed-up BMW dudes to sponsor it - courtesy of the 'new' Mini - "Half The Size - Double The fun" - thus tying the 'double-hull' catamaran thing... wouldn't that be nice?

Anyone know somebody in the marketing arm of BMW? :p

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