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Lake Eyre Yacht Club 2013 Regatta - Lake Hope - July 7 to 12

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G'day Whollsee Maeve took a heap of pics including off the rescue boat I need to sort them and get em up plus a couple of vids showing the boats racing and adventure race up the Cooper channel between Lake Hope and Cooper Creek. You'll kick yourself for missing this one, I've done all four and this was the warmest weather, best firewood supply, biggest and best lake with best quality water and best wind by far. The pics in that vid show less than a quarter of the lake but more or less where we raced. Probably around 18 knots on some race days. I'll post links here as things get uploaded, as usual the pics will be in an album on the beachcats sight with the other LEYC regatta photos

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I just realised I haven't uploaded pics from this year but here's a link to some from that 2010 regatta, you bought back fun memories of that regatta though it was really cold, I towed up 3 stacked cats which my kids and I sailed here's a link to pics if your interested 


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Cats tow easy, the month before the 2010 Lake Eyre regatta I stacked my kids two Arrows on top of my Taipan 5.7 and went to Sauna sail, that was 800km the other way

here's link to that thread if your interested


In October the year before we went to the Lake Bonney regatta at Barmera, with the kids two Arrows on my Taipan 5.7


That was when the water was really low and hardly anybody went to the regatta I think we doubled the amount of boats once we arrived

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