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Wetsuit Advice

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Just find something else to do in winter, they said. You can go a few months without sailing, they said.

Well, they were wrong and I need a wet suit so stop myself getting frozen to death in this chilly Adelaide weather.

Here's the problem. I'm 193cm and about 68-70kg...tall and skinny, built like a toothpick. All the wet suits I've looked at that are long enough seem to be falling off me, they sort of assume that people grow a little (or a lot) fatter with height.

So does anyone have the same problem? Anyone know of a particular brand or anything that might make the perfect fit?

Trying to look at under/around $100


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I left school 30years ago and have put on a massive 4kgs since then ...... so its a bit of a squeeze getting into my old wetsuit......

& like yourself I come in at 72kgs today......

I recently bought a new suit that was the best fit I could find ( but it was loose fit), went to a surf shop and asked who did wetsuit repairs, got a number and rang the guy, he took a few measurements and a week later I picked it up....... now its a glove.

cost me $40 to have it altered and I cant see where it was changed.....

best help I can give you


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