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Towing a cargo kayak behind a each cat

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I'm reading a book "beach cruising and coastal camping" by Ida Little. In it they cruise the Bahamas for three years in a Hobie 14 towing a covered Canadian Canoes between camping sites.

Has anybody tried this idea?

I've done a couple of Whitsunday's trips on a beach cat. I'm think about getting a more relaxed each cat like a Hobie 18 or maybe a NACRA 5.0 with wings. Towing a kayak seems a good way to get more time at the islands without ending up with an overloaded cat.

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I have towed a pretty big fishing kayak with my Caper Cat 14

The kayak had my dad on board and he said it was the fastest his kayak had ever gone, almost planing. I also had 2 kids on board with me. I had gone out to help bring them back from some fishing they had been doing on lake copeton in the kayak, and since dad had recently been on chemo I decided to help him out a bit!

This was in very light wind - on my cat it didnt feel fast at all.

I would perhaps be nervous about doing it in stronger wind but i'd certainly try it once to see... I'm thinking about towing him to maclean from grafton down the clarence one day

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