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Beam Replacement

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I am replacing the front beam of a Cobra and need to know what putty/resin (Stuff) that is used for packing between the beam and the hull for a snug fit.

I cleaned/dug a brown/grey (Stuff)putty out to make for a new fitting.

I heard that maybe resin and talc powder to make a paste would be ok, but I would of thought it would be too runny to mold and too hard/brittle when fitted to do this job.

Any expertise help would be greatly appreciated.


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Evan, The way "Pointed Reply" is how Rick Beams his boats - Mixing Resign with talc/q-cells to make a fiberglass bog.

Once this is done and the beam has been removed he uses clear silicon (don't use No More Gap as this will shrink!) and tightens the beam to the boat. Giving the beam a watertight seal.

On fiberglass cobras you may have to grind the decks around where the beam goes. The beam shape in the mold is not a perfect shape for the beam. However this has probably been done before.

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