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Banana curse strikes again

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Some great races there guys. Wish I was able to hang around for the final days fun.

Well done to Mark by all reports. I don't care what the others say, your sails don't prove your sexuality.

I'm getting to work on lightening up the Custard Truck and giving her a bit of a polish. Can't wait until next regatta. Thanks again for the great racing.

PS. I dug out some of the lilac cloth I have on the rack... Might prove to be the go fast secret on my new (non square top) set of gear...!

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The square top is not class legal but if you are sailing at a club level you can choose to do what ever you like and adjust your club handicap to suite.

If you choose to sail with it at a regatta that would be up to the race committee to decide what yardstick to apply. generally there seems to be about a 2min penalty for a square top. this weekend Rowan was given the same yardstick as a foam mari. (he was sailing a Mark 1) While he did not win any race he finished 2nd in two race and certainly had similar speed to Mick and myself. He led at some point in at least 3 races but his lack of class experience handicapped him.

Unfortunately the wind never got above 8 knots so we did not get to test it in a full range of conditions.

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Int, AquaRat just above your message is THE MAN..

I don't think there were any other handicaps applied other than Foam SS and Foam Cat. Someone pointed this out on Sunday. I'm not sure about this, basically shell out the coin for a new boat if you want to get into the front (although there were no foam Cat rigs).

I was surprised that you did get some breeze yesterday, I was watching out for it (while chopping wood! as you do) - only real bit was a short gust just before the rain started.

What where the other results?

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Would not consider good second hand ones??

As I said the square top is not class legal. There are lots of good manufactures that will build a complying sail including Rowan that built the square top. If she is smaller, then a sail that will flatten off and exhaust would probably suite her better than a sail that holds its power. Ian (Redhead) makes a great sail. it is very forgiving.

Just make sure whoever you use that they are aware of her weight and build a sail to suite her need.

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If you do order a new sail from any sailmaker make sure that they know how heavy the skipper is and I'd also say that the mast bend should be assessed. There are two mast types on Mari's, one has ribs all the way up the mast, the other doesn't. The ribbed version seems to be on Mari's that are set up (or bought) for sloop rig.

The bendier mast would flatten off a sail more than the ribbed version although the amount that the base has been cut back allowing the mast to rotate more and therefore bend more would be a consideration.

The square top main is interesting too in that the foot is shorter meaning that for a Mk1 there's less likelyhood of bending the boom. The high top too would tend to unload in gusts more than the standard main (like the 49ers).

AquaRat also made a standard Mari sail. Like the Eastwind sails these are exceptional, especially when they're made with the high resin dacron. They are smooth as a baby's bum and crack like a rifle, Darcy's still does it after a good five or six hard seasons.

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We sail PKSC on Saturdays.I won't be getting any illegal flat top sail if not approved by Maricat association.

Just wanted info on the legalities of the sail fabric and if the sails can be made by any sailmaker (ie:Barracouta or Brewers)

Daughter wants the clear kevlars same as their 16 skiff if they are legal.

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