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FOR SALE - H16 + Cat trailer


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Having bought two H16's for a project i now have the following items FOR SALE but happy to sell together.

Hobie 16 hulls, frame and rudders ONLY - Hulls in great cond, newly painted with new decals. All Aluminium has been painted black and includes all fixtures, cleats & blocks. Looks brand new! Rudders have brand new cams and tiller connections too.

TRAILER - Great condition, almost new with new lighting board and 10mths rego. Adjustable sides to suit any cat.

Only serious buyers.

E-mail me for prices and photos.



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I've been asked for some photos and the sun is finally out today so here they are.

As said the Hobie and Trailer are in fantastic condition - near new really and i'm happy to seperate.

Not in a super rush to loose them but I'm negotiable on price for either. This would certainly suit someone who already has a H16 and wanting to update to a near new looking boat. Given the money spent to get it looking this good its a bargin! Would also suit somebody who wishes to continue my project. I have lots of bits lying around which I will negotiate with and can list all the items you need to finish her off.





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