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Assymetric Spinnaker for sale

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This is a spinnaker from a VS skiff. See pics. I bought it for my Careel 18 which has a 7m mast stepped about 1m off the deck. There are two downhaul points for a dousing line that effectively folds the sail into two.

The VS is a very narrow boat so I would guess that the chute may not be as flat as, for example an F18 chute but may provide some fun and experience. We did try to raise it on my Maricat and I think the luff was a little too long.

There are one or two repairs.

Material feels like a silicone like stuff.


0403 079 718

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sounds about right for a 16. In the bag will be a length of sailbag that I butchered to make a launcher. I think it's gone now but I had sewn in a piece of ag pipe to make the head. Since the douser is a double point the chute folds up into thirds. No idea if that'll work on the 16 though, you may just have to douse manually.

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