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Maricat MK2 for sale

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NOTE: this is now with Darcy - 02 43591729 Mannering Park

ALSO: the Tasker sail is available separately if you need just a main.



Maricat – Cat Rig – MK2

Good club racing boat ready to race, no work required.

Trailer is registered (till June ‘14), lights have been updated, rollers replaced (with nice red ones!). 10” tyres are one year old. Includes sail box.

Rigging (shrouds, forestays and dolphin striker cable) less than two years old, standard current racing style (ie mast raked) with adjustable connectors.

Mast is the stiffer, ribbed style normally used for sloop (was originally sloop rigged when bought).

Mast heel ground out (a little more than normal because of the stiffer mast).

Hulls are in excellent condition with no sign of cracking (caused by the aluminium backing plate corroding) – rear inspection hatches have been installed and front hatches are also new. There are a few scratches along the keel line but nothing major. There has been no patching of the keel (caused by dragging the boat along the beach). One small (repaired with epoxy) ding (about 50c sized) where a Windrush hit me.

Tramp is a Barracouta cross cut around 2-3 years old (was new when I bought it).

Tramp tracks have been replaced with ‘caravan’ tracks.

Dual downhaul. There is an ‘old style’ 4:1 jammer which provides the basic initial downhaul setting. There is then a 6:1 auxiliary downhaul which can be adjusted from the rail. This uses micro blocks, not cleats so if you depower (ie bend the mast) the mast pops up straight when you tack – doing this allows the mast to rotating to the new tack without getting stuck.

Configuration and price:

1. $1150. Cat as above with older orange racing sail (#3017). This sail is still quite serviceable. In one of the pics you can see how the older design sail has been adjusted to allow for the extra rake now used in Maricats. (look at the clew).

2. $1550. As 1 plus Tasker sail (#73 the white sail in the pics) – less than one year old, ie one short season. This is a quite adequate club racing sail. I did well in the Mannering Park Club Championship with it.

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Should also say that after the Brass Monkey I tipped the boat over and gave it a good scrub with 30Seconds and then a light sand with 1200 wet/dry and then used a gel coat sealer. It really is ready to go racing.

I've also stored it with a 7x5 tarp over the tramp and then a big silver tarp over the whole thing. The silver tarp has some life left in it but the sun is starting to take its toll - better the tarp rather than the boat.

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