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Not spam again

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I see only members can post here so have the administrators considered changing the ways members join?

I believe there are several ways new members can be moderated. I can't recall how I joined here but most updated boards and forums block new bots by incorporating illustrations and sounds when joining up.

Another very common approach which is sometimes a tedious process for admins is for all applications to be reviewed by admin prior to that member being able to post. You can usually pick the bot applications by there name/e-mail and weblink but sometimes new members get deleted as well.

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As a mod, I can only delete posts, you'd have to speak to the administrator about these changes. I'd much prefer to keep this site going, however if it gets too bad, you could always visit the sailing section of seabreeze.com.au, however that's for all forms of sailing, not dedicated to cats like this site.

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Hey Guys,

Sorry about all the spam, Just so you know there is a image verification when you sign up as well as having to verify your email address before you can post,

We also have a "Spam Bot" called Akismet, And that stops about 85% of the spam that gets posted, The other 15% is what you guys see,

I will have a play with the software tonight and see what else we can do,

Always open to suggestions :)


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.....Hands up who here is really getting pissed with these furriners posting this spam....


Its the one thing that has pushed me away from here as a regular user, I even decided not to post my boats rebuild details here in a thread because of it.... :(

so I went and did the thread on another forum instead, ( http://www.catsailor.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=259959#Post259959 ) sadly this forum is easier to use but it seems more like a training ground for beginner spammers.....

Admin needs to dramaticly increase the number of moderators so that the forum is "scanned" with far more frequently for spammers...

Moderators need to be able to lock and move spam to a specific folder (probably in the hidden moderators section) for admin to later delete after the IP is banned.

sadly the spammers own this site ....... for now



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