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T H E W I L D C A T 2013 OCT 5-6-7


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The Fastest Cat sailors might be in San Francisco, but 


the BEST are coming to Forster.


This is it! More than a regatta. This is a festival of fun, music, footy, food and sailing all mixed in together. This is a CATAMARAN regatta and this is why we love to sail- to go fast and to have fun.

Yeah- we’re all show-offs and addicted to speed. Give me a screaming reach and a Hollywood finish. Then reload and give me some more. When the race is over I’ll race you back to shore flying a hull as high as possible.

Then turn up the music and let’s meet old friends and make new ones along the way- we’re cat sailors and that’s how we do it! Fire up the BBQ and grab the deck chairs. The footy Finals on the big screen and the kids are runnin’ on the grass and playing in the water.

Let’s talk about today and laugh about tomorrow while the sun sets over the water. As I begin to re-hydrate I think about getting out of the wet gear and heading for a hot shower. I can see hot pasta, those tasty Kranskys and hamburgers lined up at the bar. There is more laughter than talk and I’m lovin’ it. I’ve been here two nights and it feels like a holiday already.

It’s the Wildcat

October 5-6-7

Including: F16 NATIONAL Titles
F18 STATE Titles

There's more- the Hobies are gearing up for the Worlds.

KEEP UPDATED AT https://www.facebook.com/greatlakessailingclub

Briefing 1130 Saturday racing from 1300
Sunday racing from 1000
Monday racing from 1000 Presentation at 2.30pm.

More to come.

Camping 1200 Friday- 1200 Tuesday

Band is on - The Capulets are playing again.

2012 Fees for 2013
1 up $90
2 up $100

http://www.greatlakessailingclub.yachting.org.au/ or https://www.facebook.com/greatlakessailingclub

For all those who need to be reassured- you don't need to register online.

Just be at the WILDCAT.

If needed we start registering on Friday evening- from 5-7pm. After that I'm off to the bar.



http://www.facebook.com/greatlakessailingclub  for updates






This forum topic has been invaded by spam. Make comments at our facebook page above. 


Scott Machon

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Am I allowed to sail my Caper Cat 14 in this? May be more of a chase than a race, but that's what YS is for...

Bring it and have some fun.

Yep, there will be big boats and everything in between.

Looking forward to the Wildcat.

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For all of us who are to busy to spend time in front of the computer screen watching the America's Cup Finals. 


All the race highlights will be on the big screen at Forster. At present we are at race 10 and there is four and a half hours to watch. If there are more than 12 races we will have to go to a matinee viewing as well. 


The Wildcat October 5-6-7. 


Oh and we have some of the Loius Vuitton Cup as well- remember that!

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