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Hey Guys,

Some of you may have noticed the forums and website been slow lately,

And Sometimes a funny message down the bottom with a heap of jumble jumble on it,

The current server we are using to run the forums and website is under alot of load and need to be upgraded (again i know)

So we have decided to also get some new software, As I am not 100% happy with this software that we are currently using and upgraded to.

During the next week the website will be moved and you may not be able to access the forums for a short period,


Robert Nixon

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The problem i am told is that there are alot of members that are "hibernated" and they can come out at any point,

This software has alot better registration settings to stop spammers signing up,

However there are already alot of people who have signed up who are probably spammers.


I am hoping over the next week that 99% of them will spam and then we can ban them and stop it for once and all!

I have cleaned up the shed a bit,


If you find any spam please do report it :)




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Hey guys,


So iv decided the best way is to delete all members than had 0 posts,

We've just deleted over 100 000 "hibernated" members accounts, 99% of them where probably spam accounts,


This should stop 99 % of the spam,

We now also have a better registration system in place as well :)


Let me know if anyone finds any spam and if you want anything else changed :)

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