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Is it a Calypso?

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I may have made a bit of a fool of myself on Ebay. I came across a boat advertised as a calypso 14, however it looks like no calypso I have ever seen, more like a hawk or something like that. The gull shape, rudder shape, trampoline and everything is totally wrong and I thought maybe she was trying to pass it off as a better boat than it is.

So I emailed the seller to advise her that it was not a calypso, as in my opinion it looks nothing like one. She emailed me back saying it has calypso badges on the frame and uploaded some photos. To my surprise, she was right, it certainly does say calypso on it! However, I am still no where near convinced that it is a Calypso. Perhaps Calypso was the model name of another brand?



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