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Can anyone ID this cat?


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Greetings all, I recently acquired an 11.5 ft fibreglass sailing catamaran, minus mast boom and main, which were stolen from it when left on the beach overnight. It was on a trailer, $50 as is from redcliffe, the owner knew little about it and just used it for crabbing, dropping and picking up pots off redcliffe. I've done a fair bit of web research and couldn't really find any info about the boat. It has wellington point sailing club stickers, which is now defunct or merged with RQYS or something along those lines. There is also a john crawford marine sticker on it. I guess it is about 25 years old, the glass is quite sound, and i'm more than able to do the minor repairs and refinish it needs. I am also in the market for a rig to suit, so if anybody knows anything about this little cat, the info would be greatly appreciated. I'm not really an accomplished catsailor, a bit of cruising on my uncles' big (40-65ft)alloy cats, a bit of monohull daysailing, and i mucked around with hobies a bit when i was a teenager. I also have a Nacra 4.5 which is in good order and ready to sail (another impulse buy - i found it tucked away near tewantin and had to buy it because i got it ridiculously cheap), don't really know much about it either, its una rigged, boomless battened main, no jib, single trapeze,daggerboards, late 80's early 90's resort model? Having said that i'm keen to get out on the water around redcliffe as much as possible this summer, and until i get off my arse and get a vehicle with a towhitch to put the nacra in the water, (the boat ramp is 100m down the street lol) the little cat would be great to hand cart down the drive, across the street and into the bay. Well thanks all, i set up my webspace with some pics go to the gallery. http://members.optusnet.com.au/~ajsheed1/gallery.html

Just an edit to add some more accurate mesurements, she's all patched up and covered in shiny 2-pack marine polyurethane in the original colours, and quite pretty now smile.gifi'll post some pics soon if anyone's interested, so i'm pretty keen to get it rigged, if anyone has any suggestions, fair or foul, let me know. Some measurements

hull length 350cm (11'6");front beam 169cm (5'7"); rear beam 162cm (5'4"); draft 36cm(14")

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He he, I totally understand where you are coming from bridgehugger, but let me give you a little context here. Honestly it looks a whole lot worse in the photos than in actuality, and just prior to taking these photos my friend had pressure cleaned his woodchipper right alongside this forlorn little orphan - so she was a tad dirty and covered in poinciana leaves. I know it's no high performance machine but i have a son nephew etc who can be intoduced to sailing with a little boat like this. I was never planning on spending any great deal of money on it, if i can get a rig for it at some sort of reasonable price. I live right on the beach and i still reckon this would be a great little toy to have just a quick stint on the water to suit the attention span of pre to early teen kids. I've been involved in enough abortive and half baked projects in my time to know a lost cause, and wouldn't go there again, i don't think this ones a no hoper. Then again, I've done some pretty stupid things. Thanks for the response.

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Well done Champion.

It looks like a bit of a wash and a coat of polish and you'll be up and at it.

I don't know for sure what it is, but if it floats, you're more than half way there.

If you looking around for rigging, try to avoid coated wires as they often hide corrosion.

Keep at the website and other websites as someone eventually will know something about it.

Great to hear someone else into cat sailing.


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