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BMW Oracle Racing's Aussie connection (other than James Spithill)


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As most of you are aware Gashby (Glenn Ashby) isn't sailing for Olympic glory anymore with the redundancy of the multihull event courtesy of the ISAF fossils...

So what does a multiple A-Class, Tornado and F-18 world champion do when he isn't making sails?

He coaches one of the richest and most awe inspiring sailing teams on the planet, aboard their multi gazillion dollar AC33 challenger 90ft x 90ft trimaran...

That's right Gashby is teaching the Americans to sail their DoGzilla trimaran. http://valenciasailing.blogspot.com/2009/01/glenn-ashby-six-times-cat-world.html http://valenciasailing.blogspot.com/2009/09/glenn-ashby-bmw-oracle-sailing-coach-on.html

If only we could all sail a 90ft x 90ft AC challenger for a day job.

As much as we like to see the American's beaten in the America's Cup (aka 1983, Kookaburra II) i hope for the Aussie contingents sake they blow the Swiss off the water...

I for one am looking forward to Race 1 in RAK (some random part of the UAE), the dial-up in the prestart is just going to be insane. Alinghi have reported hitting 26-27knts in 6-7knts of breeze and BMWO have said they reached nearly 50knts (unknown breeze strength)... BRING IT ON!

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