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Nacra F20 release in Australia


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To all,

See the press release from Nacra re the F20 and a brief overview of the boat. Pricing is yet to be confirmed but looks like less than a A Class on the water, it will be competative not only on the back pocket but out sailing.

Expressions of interest can be lodged with Nacraxtreme or any Nacra Dealer, Nacraxtreme are looking into having one of the first as getting a bit heavy these days frown.gif

Press Release - 16-10-2009 – for immediate release

Nacra is proud to announce the upcoming launch of its new flagship, the NACRA F20 Carbon. This latest addition to the Nacra range is a new high performance 20 ft catamaran.

Peter Vink, head of the development team: “ The whole development team is very proud to share the first information about the new Nacra F20 Carbon. We have been working with the best-of-the best in the maritime industry to ensure that this is truly a “king of the beach” boat. It will be bigger, wider and faster than anything in-or outside its class”. Although nicknamed “Babyzilla” by the team, it will still be a boat that can be sailed by the local clubracer and be able to win at it’s first outing at the clubrace.

Peter Vink:”We took all the best features and characteristics of our current F18 Infusion, which has won the last two F18 Worlds, and applied it to the new boat, as an example: the rudder system, mast extrusion, beams and some other small bits and pieces, this way we have proven technology on the new F20 Carbon”.

The development was done by world renowned designers, Melvin & Morrelli for hulls, Niels Bunkenburg, A cat guru for the foils, Performance Sails for the rig & sails combined with the in-house knowledge at Nacra.

Development and testing has been underway for over 18 months, 2 boats were fitted with both straight daggers and with foils to allow the team to compare; a third boat, a Nacra 20 was fitted with the wide beams and the new rig. The 3 test platforms allowed the development team to test in the real world without revealing to much about this new boat, so they could adjust and fine-tune the design.

A variety in masts, mast hardware positioning and different sail cloth and shapes has been tested. The new hull shape which has been created, starting with a wave piercing bow forming a diamond shape hull stretching backwards into a “square-isch” transom, is of mayor importance due to the combination with the curved daggerboard. Although the basic shape was chosen, several adjustments were made driven by new technology [computer fluid dynamics] and knowledge which was gathered by Morrelli & Melvin while working on the Americas Cup project for BMW ORACLE.

Pete Melvin:”It is not a coincidence that the hull shape of the new F20 Carbon shows resemblance with the floats of the AC boat, we were able to take the knowledge we gained at the AC project and scale it down to the F20 Carbon. The most noticeable and distinctive feature is the chine that runs from the bow backwards on the hull allowing the water to flow away from the hull. Combining the chine and wave piercing bow with the upperdeck shape reduces drag piercing trough the waves both upwards and downwards”.

Regular production will start any moment and the first boats will be ready to be delivered to the customers in the first months of 2010.

Please see attached document for technical data

Photos - http://forums.nacraxtreme.com/download/file.php?id=121&mode=view


James Ogilvie

0400 701 878



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I think this is a great move by NACRA. All those Tornado sailors that aren't going to the olympics now have the F20 class to play with.

With all the new technology developed, why not use it to help the speed demons get what they want, I'll bet they'll out do an F18.

I've looked at alot of classes and where to go to next(A class, F16, 16^2, F14 etc etc). NACRA have impressed me with the support that they offer to thier customers and the service that they provide. Whilst i'll never own an F20, I've seen alot of sailors in my corner of Australia that will get what they want from this type of boat.

Good luck NACRA, I hope this class goes well for you.

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I like your enthusiasm Cruiser, but i can't see a fleet of F20's in Aust. The F-18 is strong in numbers and at 3.2m beam you MUST tow it like a Tornado on a tilt.

It's going to be expensive when the dollar settles from its $0.93 exchange rate.

I agree with Scott that 170kgs seems heavy considering its carbon, but you must remember it has an aluminium mast not carbon. (quite a few kg's right there. Tornado sticks were 6-7kgs lighter in carbon)

But Scott, seriously we are a very small part of Nacra's market. Something like the F20 will be used for things like the Tybe 500 (ex Worrell 1000 race, from memory), its being made by Nacra America not Nacra Australia.

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I think that there is great scope to entice the juniors into Cats. At tinaroo they start on the open bics and then go onto Lasers......YUK

I think that the F20 is too big a step up from a O'pen bic, but there are solutions happening......

The F20 will have a following in NQ, they are dedicated sailors who love to have fast machines, and being a Nacra, we can be assured of good after sails service (pun intended)


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TornadoSport260 they can do what they like in America and Europe I was talking about Aus!

Correct me if I am wrong but isn't Nacra Extreme the NSW NACRA dealer asking for expressions of interest in this boat. Which means it would be imported by NACRA Austrailia and pushed by NACRA Aus!

Cruiser I can not see the likes of Luke, Mal, Sneaky, Mikey or any of the other f18 sailors in Nq selling there f18s to buy an F20.

Don't get me wrong I am sure it would be a weapon to sail. But I don't believe we need it in Austrlia.

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I suppose i only sailed a shitty 14sq.

I was talking to young Luke (can't remember which of the F18's he crews on) last Sunday at Tinaroo, and he's certainly keen to see one.

I'll see if I can get an opinion out of everyone else on Sunday at Port.

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I to do not feel we need another class in the Counrty as well

The F18 fleet in general is only young class in Australa and should be pushed more. As well as all the other Nacra classes.

How many Nacra clases are there. Resort, 4.5, 14sq, 16sq, 5,0. , 5.2, 5.8, F18, F17

And there is probly more.Do we want another one?????????

What you are forgetting its just an add to Promote Nacra Ext the company and to put the Nacra name inside your minds.In the hope you might bye a nacra of some sort.

Question, Is north Queensland Part of Australia?

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Cruiser it doesn't matter what size boat you sail, everybody has a right to an oppion. This is only mine.

My oppion is coming from sailing NACRAS for 20+ years.

Example Belmont Nats there was 70-80 5.8s sailing. This year Hervey Bay nats will probally get 60-70 boats all up including all NACRA clases. Just don't beleive we need to split classes up more.

Do they still sail at Port? Last time I was there for the States it got blown out and we ended up going to Tinaroo each day.

Luke owns a F18 (think he called it Wild Cat) tell him Scotty said gday and he should man up and get a 5.8 again.

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It's amazing how many different types of fast cats there are. Especially when the sailing is best when we have close, competitive racing. Where cruiser refers to the 'shitty 14 square', hey they're a great boat, it just sucks that they are stuck between 14 footers and fast cats, so rarely get close competition.

Funny that Joclo's opening line is "it will be competitive...out sailing". Competing with what?

With A-class and Formula classes allowing design & development, it really does seem crazy to start a whole new division of 20 footers.

Is bigger better? I guess humans are generally growing taller and becoming more obese, so is that why boats are evolving bigger to cater for the new breed of slob?

On the other hand Nacra might as well spend their time designing, building and testing new ideas, so good luck to them.


Paper Tiger 2901 "Tigerdelic"

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Ha ha ha...

No we're almost part of the French caladonia.

Hey Scott, You might remember Alex Atoberg, I raced on his 5.8 "natural gas" last weekend.

At Port they are starting to get organised, even got a website!!!


@ Mr Tony, mate i was comparing the 14sq to the f18/F20 when i said shitty. I loved that boat, but i need to learn the art of spinnaker handling. so I want a docile boat that has a spinnaker but I can set up myself, so i can get off work early and take it out to Yorkeys to learn some more. Then one day I'll get something that goes!!!

I was thinking that maybe they could drop a class or 2, but no, the days of people accepting something close to what they want are gone. There are boats from Nacra Australia for everyone, Sirocco for resorts, 4.5 for family stuff with performance if you want it. F17 for the best singlehanded cat I've ever sailed, 14sq,16sq 5.8 for speed, F18 for sprint etc etc.

Not everyone will get an F20, but as I said before, if they can get some of the Tornado lads, good on them. As we all are saying, I hope it goes well for them.

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Originally posted by cruiser:

But as I said before, if they can get some of the Tornado lads, good on them. As we all are saying, I hope it goes well for them.

I don't get it, why should the Tornado lads abandon the boats just to get into another class? Are you perhaps thinking that if they all switch to Nacra F20's that the IOC will magically reinstate multihulls to the Olympic agenda? I really don't think so .......do you?

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Originally posted by Loose Change:

I don't get it, why should the Tornado lads abandon the boats just to get into another class? Are you perhaps thinking that if they all switch to Nacra F20's that the IOC will magically reinstate multihulls to the Olympic agenda? I really don't think so .......do you?

I know you hate me mate, lets just leave it at that eh?

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Fair call, Not having a good day, and shouldn't vent here.

My apologies.

I only said some of the tornado lads. I know we all love our own classes, every time i go to change classes everyone always tries to talk me into whatever they have. All i'm saying is that the boat is similar to Tornado in size etc etc. As for the reasons that a bloke might get out of his tornado and get into an F20 is up to them.

I only know of one up here, which i crewed on for the mission beach regatta. and they certainly strike me as being fragile. Now they have an option of an F20 carbon that comes of the shelf at Nacra.

All i'm saying is that there is another option for the Tornado lads, wether they choose it or not is up to them.

I can see your point of View Harry, I doubt that Brett Burvill will jump out of Tornado into F20, but there are others on the fringe who MAY opt out and into F20.


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and they certainly strike me as being fragile.

Tornado is far from fragile and I would bet my house on it being a lot more robust than the F20 and most cats on the market not to mention lighter then the F20.

Don't think you would find many current Marstrom Tornado sailors selling up to buy an F20, however if someone was in the market for a 20 footer, then the F20 is a cheaper option then the T...... Or perhaps not. Quiet a few very good Marstroms on the market for a good price at the moment.

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Hate you?

I don't hate you, I don't even know you.

But I do wonder why you come out with some of the things you say, they sometimes strike me as not having been thought through very well. eg. A totally new and unestablished class like this new F20 versus the Tornado.

Given that they are both 20 foot in length and both cary spinnakers with a crew of two both on the wire. I, and I'm sure a lot of other people on here don't quite see the point.

As cat sailing in Aus is already such a fragile and tenuous thing where is the value in fragmenting the classes even further? I'm sure there will possibly be some people in Aus that won't be able to resist the marketing machine and go out and buy one.

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Here's one


and the not so cheap


@ Loose change, I don't know why they go down the paths that they do, but they do. I suppose everyone is trying to be the next "fashionable" item. Many of the old timers tell me that it has always been like this, new things coming all the time and people trying to keep up with all the fast development.

I can see the F20 going well, but that's me. I'll probably never own one, but they are no doubt the latest and greatest of the larger beach cats which will appeal to those who like to have the newest whatever, like that guy with the newest ipod, blackberry, latest model car, mountain bike etc etc.

You know the people i mean, and it is them that drives sales for a boat like this one.

I can't wait to see what else Nacra come up with......

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Originally posted by NACRAJON:

I want to remain totally out of the NACRA 20 conversation.

But where are these cheap Tornados being advertised?

I am sure Bundy would sell you one of his 2 for less than a new F20. Granted it is second hand v's new, however the longlivity of a Marstrom is very well known. There are a few other good Marstroms floating around that if offered, the owners may part with them for less again.

Don't get me wrong, I think the F20 is them most exiting boat to come out in a long time, however if you are in the market for a 20 footer, a good Marstrom is worth exploring. F20, time will tell. It is still a new boat and we will see how it fits into the maket place. Can't wait to see the fist one in the flesh and on the water.

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Wow, thanks Crusier / Chocko for posting those Tornado links. I'm blown away - $28000 !!! OK top boat with great credentials, but wow, it's a whole different world.

Makes me feel much better about spending another $100 this week upgrading a few blocks on my $2100 Paper Tiger, which I was feeling was a very extravagant luxury.

Reminds me of pulling into McCrae Yacht Club with 2 old Paper Tigers (total cost $500) stacked up on my 50 year old recycled trailer ($200) behind my hatchback ($2500) to see A-class cats sitting on the deck of an ocean racing multihull, which was going to be used as accomodation while they raced. A whole different world...

$28000??!!! No wonder some of those fast cat guys feel compelled to diss cheaper boats. If I'd wasted that much money I'd be trying to convince myself all the other boats were shit too. I guess the America's cup guys can similarly skoff at those puny 20' cats, eh?

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Why would you bother buying one. You will be the only one in AUS. Seem to me to be a more money than brains purchase.

I would stick with F18 at the very least you would have some competition.

Just read on the Nacra forum $34000.00

I think the price says it all.

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