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So is this one too? And if so is it any cop?

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Yep, that's definitely a calypso 4.4. Different from the calypso 14 in that they're cat rigged and meant to be more high performance.




As with all calypsos, not many of them about. The 4.4 certainly looks the part. I wish calypso had kept that hull design for all their boats, much sexier than the 14 and 16 hull shape.

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Main problem would be parts. LR sails still stock Calypso parts but I believe mostly for the 14 and 16. The 4.4 never got off the ground so much and I imagine it's parts aren't so interchangeable with the 14 and 16. I know I'm a biased Calypso sailor but I think the 4.4 is better looking than an AO or PT...Just saying.

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It does look nice doesn't it? Very modern looking for a calipso.


The pic on the calipso site shows it has very little freeboard when reaching (flying) so I would worry about it's performance in rougher water and agree it would be a bit pitchpole happy.


I just dont have room for another boat...

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Hi Any and all,


Based in WA and sailing the Calypso 4.4 as mentioned in this post.


Purchased 2nd hand about a year ago.


Came with 2 sails:


> Standard out of the box 13.5m2

> Dacron racing sail square top 16m2


Boat has foam core sides in fibreglass, twin dagger boards, NACA foils by the looks of them. no jib as not needed with sail area.


Designed for single handed but with larger sail need 2 bodies.


Overall weight is lighter than I believe they spec as we can easily lift with 2 people, could make it lighter with carbon trim but not needed for performance.


Freeboard is a non issue, yes is low when flying but hull shape is very forgiving and cuts through waves with ease. Does bury bow on occasion when over powered, have done so at 15knts plus on a number of and with a slight change to windward easily pulls up and off again.


Less potential to bury with 2nd on trap at rear of hull.


Overall a very exciting little cat, a challenge to sail first time and until you get to know her limits and failings, we always sail 2 up as I have gone overboard single and had a long catchup swim in scary waters.


Performance wise I can not tell you how it does against other boats as I do not race or have a club. Comparing to Youtube videos of high performance cats in similar winds I think our little girl who is over 20 yo would give them a good run for their money, especially seeing that she only cost me $1800.00.


I do know we have had her out in 20 plus on a reach and where planing over the tops of the waves, quite surprised as the hull for is displacement with little planing surface on one pontoon. I think what helped was that we where able to keep both feet down and had good surface contact and area spread between them. My son was tagging us on his jet ski and by his estimate we where flying along at around 25knts, have not managed to do it since but shows with the right conditions it is a very fast little boat for it's age.  Also think being a little bit heavier than all these carbon boxes that the momentum build and energy attached to our mass helped significantly in allowing the bows to cut the waves at an angle, the slight lift in the bow then drove the nose up and over very nicely.


Also managed to surprise some windsurfers a few weekends back when we where able to keep up with them in 18knts of wind, they all did a double take which was a nice feeling for us.


Anyway if you have some experience in cat sailing and want to upgrade the adrenaline hit at a budget price then grab a 4.4 or Alpha Omega or similar if you find one.


If you want a day sailing family cat that can offer some excitement the go for the 16  as the 4.4 is a bit crowded and sits low with more than 2 on board.



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