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Division separate starts, at states ?


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SI's will be there on the day (at worst), and hopefully a week before (at best)!


Back of the napkin plan will be 2 starts - 1. All boats with jibs, and 2. All boats without jibs.


I'll leave it to the committee to decide on the prize divisions, but my thought is:

- Scratch division is exactly that - run what you brung, class legal, no change for construction.

- Handicap division - as per Koonawarra/VYC HCap with adjustments for foamies and any other of the usual anomalies.

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 Two starts, yes, but, Sloop rig boats should start with the cats (same y/stick ), otherwise they will be sailing in disturbed air and water for the whole race, will be 5-6 min behind S/sloops at finish and delay next start. As a cat rig boat I would prefer to start with only the cat rigs, but it would be unfair to the Sloops. 

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