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Yachting Australia - Safety Notices - Traps and Prop guards

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Here: http://www.yachting.org.au/?MenuID=Sport_Services%2F22739%2F0%2CSafety%2F25268%2F0%2CSafety_Information_Notices%2F25370%2F0%2F0


Are two new documents relating to the issues around trapeze belts and also propeller guards.


Seems to me that for traps, the Bethwaite fitting would be preferable since it doesn't have a hook.


Looks also like if you have a prop injury, not having a prop guard is going to cause the club/owner/operator some grief.



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I was really worried about what they would suggest but that's a pretty a very good list of suggestions for trap safety and nowhere does it mention restricting traps. There is no reason to change traps at all I carry a knife and the people I sail with know I wont hesitate to cut the tramp. There must be a good reason that there aren't many of those Bethwaite systems sold

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