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I bought an old boat and it has one hatch cover missing. I dunno what brand it is as there is nothing written on it other than "Open" and Close". It is not a Ronstan, Riley or Nairn. The thread OD is about 104.5mm and the lid OD is about 113mm.

I need one cover before I can sail the boat. I would like to get three so that I have a couple of spares.

Can anyone help?


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G'day Greg I have one of those hatch covers in white that I am happy to give you, I checked it with my other port holes and have found it is exactly the same size and thread as the Nacra 5.8 hatch covers of my number 1626. You can PM me your address and am happy to send you this one or if your close to Brisbane cat centre you can pop in there and pick one up or if close to Darcy he may have one in his collection. If I post it will probably take a few days to get to you with the Christmas break.  

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You may find they are the older HOLT-ALLEN hatches,made in England  with either the makers  full name or abbreviated "H.A" initials on the back.

Most HA hatches  leaked when new so you could guess what they are like after 30 odd years of sitting around.

Replace with new  ronstans and save yourself the heartache.While you are at it replace the $2 bung plugs too.With new  rubber on hatch covers and bungs you can be confident of keeping the water out.If you still find any water in hulls after replacing these then that is an entire new issue.

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