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2002 Reef Challange

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Guest Lindsay

Originally posted by Andrew Holden:

Please start any discussion that you think may add to the event here

I have been reading the correspondence on the Barrier Reef Classic with interest and believe that it is an opportunity that most off the beach catamaran sailers would welcome if the event is well organised and the relevant safety measures put in place.

My impressions thus far of the race is that it is designed for the 18 to 21 foot two man catamarans (possibly with spinnakers) that will have high down wind speeds. It appears that the legs maybe a bit too long for the smaller catamarans to complete in a timely manner.

Hence, as the sailer of a small one man catamaran ( Nacra 14SQ) I have assumed that the race was not for me ( in my boat). I note that safety issues raised in the UKCRA article (posted on BBS) state that some long distance races do not allow one man boats to enter due to the risks of falling off etc (which we all do some times and it is a shame that catamarans sail off without capsizing when this happens).

Hence can the organisers of this event present a bit more information on the types of boats that they see as being eligible for entry into the race.

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Guest Andrew  Holden

The longest leg will be approx 70 Nm

Yes all boats will have to be 2 man for safety. - Charter boats will be available

These are the ideas we have at this stage - Please do not think they are in

concrete and we do want YOUR input specifically

Racing will be based on:

Individual classes

Formula Racing - But I know of only Hobie that would fit this

All boats must be class legal

All sailors must have considerable (still to be defined) experience

All boats must have new (less than 3 months) running rigging

All crews must demonstrate ability to right boat

All crews must have ability to skipper the boat should the skipper be


All boats/crew will need Handheld VHF radios and a GPS.

Rules will be a beach start each morning with 3 or 4 legs held over 3 days.

the 4th day will be based at Port Douglas where a day of sprint races will

be conducted and the points gained during the 7 races will be added to the

overall series as one leg.

We are looking at scoring the series on a points system (1- 100 based on

time) where you are able to have one bad leg but still be in the competition

at the end of the day.

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