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Purchasing info for Australian built Taipan 4.9 and 5.7 here
Both boats are being built by Joe at JK Fibre glass but the 5.7 is ordered through Brendan as he has fully funded the creation of the new moulds.

Joe worked for Jim Boyer for many years and has been consulting with Jim extensively on this re-birth.

I'm pretty excited about this as it has been a 12 month project and the first new 4.9 is mine.

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Half way there! :) so now we have battens but sandwich is still misspelled.


So how do we see the 5.7 entering the market again? what will be its selling points? will it be offered as the default config with self tacker and spin?


At a similar price point as a f18 and without fleet racing it will need something to draw people to it, I think it is going to be a tough sell. 

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I have just converted my old 5.7 (Aus 073) to a self tacker and from the first sail it is a nice step up. But as for selling the new ones they are one of the fastest cats on the water in this country still. Yes they lack the fleet racing of the F18s but they make up for it in spades with 2 sail pace. 

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