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Parts seller called the Maths Teacher

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Hi Jeff,


Thanks for the info. Nothing on ebay at the moment but the information you gave was enough for me to track him down. Don't you just love Google, and forums?


BTW Jeff, some time ago you posted some pics of beautiful varnished Mossie hulls on the other forum. I was wondering when, why and where those Mossies got varnished?




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I everdured both my Mozzys before I painted them (and that looks like varnish) for the Lake Eyre regatta, would have been easier to have varnished over the top but I painted them white, the Everdure is better than varnish because I really thin it to soak into the wood then keep adding coats until the wood won't absorb any more, doesn't matter then if I get a scratch as the wood is virtually waterproof

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Don't spray just brush it on as it helps force it into the wood just keep applying until it won't absorb any more, make sure the timber is all fresh timber and you will be amazed how much it sucks in, the Everdure goes a long way because you water it down so much, you are looking at about 5 to 8 coats but you don't wait for it to dry just go tacky which on a hot day in a hot shed is basically back to the first hull after you have finished the second hull, be careful not to put too much on and have ripples dry on the surface or you will have to sand it, as long as it is tacky between coats you don't have to sand for each layer to bond

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