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Cracking day sailing our windrushs at SGYC


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We had a great race at SGYC the other sunday.  There are some great pics of the windrush cats that sailed!

I should be able to post more the last weekend too.


I think its time we beefed up the windrush profile by posting photos of them going full tilt!

Post some photos people!


Flick through the photos on this page to see them!


The second page and page 6-7 have the windrush photos on them!






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Wallagoot at Tathra is coming up on 7 & 8 March. At least 3 PKSC windrush will be there.

Rohan, happy to support any development plan where I can. Up until this season I have been the facilitator of our own club's Try Sailing Day. I am also the treasurer/director of PKSC and have obligations to my club first an foremost. To mobilise Windrush numbers at a regatta will require fair notice and inclusion on club sailing calendars for a start.


Port Kembla Sailing Club

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Here are some more pics, this time of the Australia day racing. Spectacular weather with a good 17 knot southerly.


I have posted a link to the entire gallery below.... there are a bunch of us in our windrushes there. Some great Pics by Tim Wilson!

The first one is of  me thumping along in my MK1 windy with new sails, and another of myself and Pete (he's in the MK2 with old sails) playing out the back of the inlet!


Good times!









Full gallery can be found here


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Hey Guys

just wondering if you do have a mixed fleet yardstick For the Windies.

We have mixed fleet sailing on the Barwon River. Windrush mark 1 and mark 2.

no trap, one up, Sloop rig.

Our club has decided to used the 2015 Victorian mixed fleet yardsticks.

Now the Windies all of a sudden become 2.5 mins faster on a 100 min course.

Prior to this change, the club champ.

sailing a modern Paper tiger was just 0.5 points.

behind the Windy which was giving great competition !

Now the Paper tiger is 2.5 points back.

The scratch results for the 2015 club championship came down to the last race of the season.

These new vic yardsticks seem to kill the fun for the Windies.

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We used to have a 14' cat regatta at Koonawarra Bay sailing Club every year which included windies, maris,arrows and PTs. The guys who did the yardsticks were very clear in that their yardsticks are based on race results and from these regattas.They were pretty on the mark as most of the clubs sailing 14' cats adopted them as the best representation of the difference between the boats. Their evidence was also based on the mixed race results at the end of each regatta. There are still available on their website


Mannering Park near Newcastle still hold a 14' cat regatta each year and Darcy has tried to make things more even by taking into account the older and newer boats in the classes, trying to entice more of the older boats with cruising sails onto the water and good on him for trying.


I'm particularly keen on the Koonawarra Bay Yardsticks as all classes were compared on the same course in the same wind on the same day and the regatta was attended by the better sailors in each class, but keep in mind that the regatta hasn't happened for about 5 years now so some of the newer modifcations haven't been taken into account re square top mains.


I think, VYC now have a formula system instead of the race results based system, but I must admit I haven't really looked into it to much as I don't race to much now due to work committments and most places I do race they have adopted another system.


Due to the variable nature of sailing, different conditions, some boats and/or sailors go great in light while some in heavy, so no system will give perfect handicaps between classes. So work out what's important the fun of completing or the sheep station.


Still like to come down for a blast with you guys though.



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