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Wallagoot Regatta

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Planning and preparations at the club are going well.

There'll be a great meal out on for all on Saturday night, with nice selection of drinks.
The lake is quite full, still leaving a grassy rigging area and strip of sand to launch from.

Looking a slightly different course this year, with monohull wing mark at 45degrees downwind, with multihull mark still wide for great reaches.
A downwind finish, so that the start/finish line is kept off the course.


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We went off the downwind finish, and will have start/finish on the windward leg.

I'll be sailing my old PT "Tigerdelic" - looking forward to close racing amongst the cat fleet!

Wind looking like fresh sea-breeze saturday, light southerly on sunday.

Have 5 cases of beer and a box of assorted wines, lunches & dinners to be made by excellent chef, trophies made.. were all good to go.

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2 x Mari, 2 x PT, 2 x Windi, 1 x Weta, 1 x H17 and a bunch of assorted monos.

So far 1 win to PR and we "let" Tony Quoll win the other two races on his home lake.

Good breeze, light this morning (yes that was the one I won) and blew up nicely this afternoon.

Boats packed up for the night now time for dinner by candle light in the club house.

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Full results here: http://wlbc.org.au/race_results/regatta-results/

It was great racing, with a fairly closely matched fleet.

We had four different race winners on yardstick; Rod (Maricat), Neil (Paper Tiger) myself (Paper Tiger) and Dennis (Weta).

We also had five different winners across the line: Rohan (Windrush), Neil (Paper Tiger), myself (Paper TIger), Paul (Windrush), and Richard (Narca 14 sq).

I've just edited the 400 photos taken and will get the best of them online later this week. At least one good pic of everyone who sailed.

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Hey Tony,
thanks for the really nice, friendly feel of the event - I may just pay the 'heavy' price of that 16hr round-trip again next year...
Of course, I always 'outdo' myself with some on-course stupidity - don't really know the flags, or how to lead a race effectively - so I kept telling Rodney - PLEEEEZ don't let me get ahead of you - or I'll do something stoopid...

Of course, the DSQ in the race I crossed the line ahead of (I think) everyone else is a direct consequence of Rodney 'allowing' me to do that...

So Rodney, please sail faster next time! And don't underlay the top mark so often...
BTW, it seems that a lightweight skipper on a Maricat (sailed well) is very much the equal of a Windrush 14 sloop-rigged (no trapeze) with a 100kg+ skipper (sailed relatively well)...

Looking fwd to those pix…

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Photos now published. From the initial set of 400, I've culled it down to 240, with about 50 from each race presented as a slideshow.

To minimise upload times, each is presented on a seperate webpage.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how to improve this formatting.


For photo galleries, please see the following pages. Each presents about 50 shots of each race:

Saturday 1, Saturday 2, Saturday 3, Sunday 4 Sunday 5

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WLBC Regatta this weekend - 12 & 13 march 2016

Expecting warm weather and fresh seabreezes. Volunteers ready to do registration, set courses, run the races, makes lunches, make dinner and serve at the bar. We've got 6 cases of beer and a variety of wines for the 20 or so people expected to turn up. Responsible serving of alcohol? Absolutely. It's better if they can't walk to their car.
On-site camping / vanning / club house squatting OK. Or I've got a couple of spare beds minutes away.
Should be fun!

WLBC NOR 16.pdf

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