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ManPk 14s K-Y/S adjustments.


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Further thought to adjustment of Koonawarra yardstick for our Regatta. -A , All Foamies - 1/2% -B, All Sloops over 120kg Crew weight Plus 1% per 10kg (min weight 108kg), can be sailed single handed if over the min weight. -C, Cats S/Sloops, Turbo's, Crew weight OVER 90kg, plus 1% per 10kg (includes P/Tiger, Arrow etc) -D, Production sail multi coloured, Plus 5%, Disc rudders plus 5%, Cat rig W/Trap -minus 3%, Spinnaker to any Prod class- Minus 2% -E, F14sStarting Y/S, 83 (Due to the fact that our triangle, loop course not suiting Spin) . NOW LETS HAVE SOME CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM?

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