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Thanks for these comments. I have been using Bunning Tarps but as it is out in the laneway a little away from the house and people are often walking past etc, I thought to better cover it. The tarps are a bit of a nuisance to pull over each week and make it look unsightly (thinking of the neighbours). I have seen something on Murrays.com

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Talk to Ben at Quantum Sails in Brisbane 3393 9111.

When they were Sail Tech they made quite a few fitted boat covers for many of the 16 sq's in QLD, they fit beautifully, look great and last forever, the one on my boat was made in 2007 and is still going strong, my old boat lived outside with this cover on for 4 years and my newer boat now lives under a carport but I still put this cover on to keep it clean during the extended periods of non use. 

Although they are custom made and fitted they are still really good value and because Ben has the correct profiles for the cover he should be able to make one and ship it to you.


If you do use the cheaper blue poly tarps they will disintegrate quickly with the UV and leave horrible blue crap all over the boat, silver tarps will last longer but are more expensive and by the time you buy one big enough to cover the whole boat you will have made quite an investment in a short term option, plus they flap around if they are not tied on well. 


Best of Luck.

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