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2016 Cobra National Titles

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Hi All


This little Mexican is a bit confused ... :/


I have never been to this part of the world.


So the regatta is being run by the Maroochy Sailing Club which is at Chambers Island in the Maroochy River.



I was told the launching area was to be Mooloolaba Yacht Club.



David English says rigging area is "to the left of 'The Yacht Club'" ... I am not sure which 'left' David is referring to ... left (West) when looking at Google Maps?  Left when looking at the facility from Parkyn Parade?



Chambers Island is a 15 minute drive from 'The Yacht Club'.


Where is the racing area??  Can boats be securely stored with masts up over night?  Do we store boats on Chambers Island or by 'The Yacht Club' during the regatta?


Where will briefings be? 


Do we have confirmed dates yet?  My understanding is that the regatta is from 2/1/2016 to 8/1/2016.  I guess that means registration and the invitation race is on Saturday 2/1/2016 and championship races will be between Sunday 3/1/2016 and Friday 8/1/2016.


Coming from Victoria and arriving at the registration/rigging area in the morning on 2/1/2016 means I will need to leave on New Years Eve ...


Sorry for so many questions ...



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Mooloolaba yacht club has 24/7 security fenced and open areas to the north and south of the club looking from the road .. you will be able to leave your cat rigged there. MSC will stage the event apparently but use MYC facilities which are first rate and the club is a large complex with numerous meeting rooms, dining , bars etc. For racing you sail out through the boat harbour into the ocean off mooloolaba so you will have decent easterly ocean swells to contend with as well as more tidal impact than in port phillip bay. Sunshine coast Hobie sailors race there so cat regattas are routine. . There is heaps of local accomodation from caravan parks to high rise units within walking distance to the club. The only bugbear is traffic and parking outside the yacht club in holiday periods but you shouldn't have a problem getting in and out from the club carpark

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