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Hiking Straps and how I attach them - for the less nimble

George II

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 Hi ,

        Prince Planet asked me to take some photos of the way I rig up my Hiking straps a while ago , and its taken me a bit to get it together , so here goes.

 I have made up the hiking straps initially as I found I was often too heavy to get fully out on the wire , but with the straps I can still get my wt transferred to the top of the mast which seems to help performance (probably by bending the mast & therefore flattening the sail & moving it up a gear) .

  now I am more confident trapezing I find the straps are a great way to make the transition out onto the wire. I go onto the strap first and then its an easy step to go out onto the side.



 this is obviously not for everyone but we have a few guys using this system successfully where I sail . If you need to go back in to adjust the jib sheets or the downhaul etc, you can go back in onto the strap , do the adjustments and then get back out again.



 And on another note here is a link to my latest gopro video - this time it was the Walpole Regatta , sailed 28th Feb/1st march 2015 . A great mixed fleet regatta. about 85 boats on the water of all shapes and sizes. We had a fleet of 14 cats all up.


https://youtu.be/enKuZO4eIzQ               It is 9 mins long but it includes footage from all 5 races over 2 days . 


 It does have some footage of me getting in & out using these straps if you are interested.



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Hey George

You need to look at putting the modification on whereby your job sheets follow you when you go on the wire.  Then you dont have to come in to adjust them.  It has a ring that the sheets run through attached to your trapese hook by a piece of bungee, one for each side.

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You can see it here, the red and white line, not the rope that is hooked over my thumb.  Also don't know if your boat is set up for it, but run the downhaul out to the stays and tie it off there.  As you can see my downhaul is not anywhere near on, but its not a problem as the ends of the lines come out to and are tied onto the side stays and I can reach it easy from the wire.


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 Hi , sorry for delay in reply , been away on hols for 4 weeks. 

The non - skid is a Stand up paddle board deck grip - very light and sticks on with its own 3M adhesive - so far have found it great .

bought it on line from supwarehouse  . managed to do the grip on 2 boats with the one deck grip . I think it was about $120 from memory.


 I have looked and the ring to carry the jib sheet out , but not sure about it , does it ever tangle up with the cleat at all when its on the downwind side ? 


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