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Southern Highlands Gatecrash Regatta, 12 April


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There has been an increase in sailors and cats at the Southern Highlands Sailing Club, who sail on Fitzroy Falls Reservoir. They can't organise a regatta, because they are restricted to sailing on Sundays.
It was also suggested that a few of us experienced cat sailors could drop by one day, maybe offer the locals a few tips.
The club is keen and has adopted my joke name of the Gatecrash Regatta.

To be held Sunday April 12. It'll be fun!

I've suggested we each put $10 in a hat, winner takes all, and the club is also offering a small prize, for winner on yardstick.
They've created it as an event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1421282661515664/?ref=3&ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular&feed_story_type=263

The location of the club is here: https://goo.gl/maps/79bpi

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A one day regatta would be pretty good. Some years back 16' skiffs had one day regattas at 2 different clubs to reduce the number of weekends away from their home club,so why not sail Saturday at PKSC and Sunday at Southern Highlands. Make it a bit more worthwhile for guys who are willing to travel,

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What an awesome little club SHSC is.  Thanks so much for the hospitality and welcome extended by club members yesterday for the 'Gate Crash' regatta.  It had everything!

Tornado, Nacra 5.8's, 14 square, Calypso 16, Paper Tiger, Maricat., Hobie 14 & 16s, and of course Windies, joined by halve a dozen Lasers, Spirals and a TY.

When you sign on you are given a compass and whistle for when the fog rolls in, and true to form it did in the first race.  A bit like sailing along and someone turns out the lights!

Looking forward to a return visit and SHSC accepting an invitation to come down the coast to PKSC early next season.

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