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Regatta dates.


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Any dates for Kurnell, Mannering Park, Budgiwoie, Concord, Wangi, Speers Point, Port Kembla and any other regattas. Maybe Queens Lake, Tanilba Bay. Let's get the season organised early so that I can put the dates on the fridge.

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3-4 Oct 2015, Jervis Bay Regatta http://www.jervisbaysailingclub.org/
9-10 Oct, 2015 Mannering Park Open Cat Regatta http://www.manneringparkasc.org.au/temp/index.php
31 Oct - Nov 1, ACT Multihull Champs http://www.canberra.ymca.org.au/sailing/events/Pages/default.aspx
28-29 Nov, Kembla Klassic http://www.pksc.com.au/

28 Dec - 3 Jan, Paper Tiger National Champs, Wallaroo SA http://papertigercatamaran.org/aptca/

23-25 Jan, Paper Tiger NSW State Champs, Koonawarra http://nswptca.papertigercatamaran.org/index.php/regattas-and-events
13-14 Feb 2016, Coila Lake Regatta http://www.otb.bbsc.org.au/
13-14 Feb 2016, Twofold Bay Regatta, Eden http://twofoldbayyc.yachting.org.au/assoc_page.cgi?c=1-10021-0-0-0&sID=61962#
6-7 Feb 2016 (to be confirmed) Lake Jindabyne Regatta https://www.facebook.com/sailjindabyne
12-13 Mar 2016, Wallagoot Lake Regatta http://wlbc.org.au/wlbc-regatta/

23-24 April 2016, Batemans Bay Anzac Regatta, http://bbsc.org.au/

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KCC Top Gun Regatta on 7th - 8th November

For 1-Day Regattas they also do the Australia Day Regatta on the 26th January, and the KCC Caltex Botany Bay Classic & "Cock of the Bay" Regatta on the 28th February.
It'd be very nice to see some Windrush 14s attend these 2 events - as there isn't any need to get accommodation – so eezy-peezy...

As there's good potential for their juniors to step into a Windrush 14 - these events would be nice 'showcase' events - but we do need to get at least 4 or 5 boats participating...

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KCC's reply:-
"KCC more than welcomes all 14' cat sailors to any of our major regattas, or club races for that matter, and I'm working on a divisional and course format that may more suit 14' classes, compared to recent KCC regatta formats.

The Top Gun regatta was named back in the late 80s and the overall yardstick winner is declared the "Top Gun" cat sailor (from the Tom Cruise movie of course).

The Botany Bay Classic and Cock of Bay, were regattas inherited from the Botany Bay Cat Club, which sailed off the beach for many years (no clubhouse) at Sans Souci, until folding, I think in the late 80s. Many of their last members then joined KCC.
The Classic is a typical 3/4 race regatta based on divisions and/or yardstick. However, the Cock of the Bay is a separate individual event to the Classic (although run concurrently) and is a marathon race around Botany Bay to determine the fastest cat, irrespective of yardstick. It is typically won these days by a Tornado, F18 or A Class but yardstick results are also calculated for all classes and form part of the results of the Classic regatta. Some people may regard this trophy/regatta name as a bit unfortunate in this day and age, but it has been around for a long while now and there is a distinct reluctance to change it.

The NOR and SIs for the Top Gun will be published shortly on KCC's website (www.kcc.asn.au) and has been delayed owing to proposed changes to divisional and course formats."

Tony, I've competed in the Cock Of The Bay Regatta a few times - it's a fun event (and can be very challenging in a good breeze) for any size of cat - and particularly so for 14s - but I've always felt welcomed at the club... last time I competed against a Weta, a Nacra 430 etc - and of course the usual bigger cats all seem to enjoy it...
The clubhouse is relaxed and friendly - and everyone is focused on cats - as it's truly the ONLY catamaran-specific club in Sydney or surrounds...
Anyway, I'm pushing them to put on at least 1 event each year that is 14-friendly - maybe based around a clinic and rigging session - and some informal short-course races close to the club...
Let's see how it goes this season...
In the meantime, the Australia Day Regatta/Cock Of The Bay (yes, unfortunate name - but it does hold some history) is definitely 1 more sailors should put on their race calender...

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In the pecking order, the Top Cock/Rooster, is the one obviously, at the top.

During WW2 a particularly nasty battle was waged in a middle eastern town,

between Aussie troops and Poms from a crack unit called, The Black Watch.

The result to determine who was "Cock Of the Walk" (Sidewalk/footpath)

It didn't come to gunfire but numerous hospitalised on both sides.

   The Cock of the Bay possibly started with old Diggers. 

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Updated list for this season:

3 - 4 October 2015 Jervis Bay Regatta http://www.jervisbaysailingclub.org/

3 -5 October 2015, Forster Wild Cat http://www.foxsportspulse.com/assoc_page.cgi?assoc=9974&pID=1

3 – 5 October Wagga Wagga Regatta http://www.waggawaggasailingclub.com.au/

9-10 Oct, 2015 Mannering Park 14’ Cat Regatta http://www.mannering.../temp/index.php
31 Oct - 1 Nov 2015 ACT Multihulls, Maricat States http://www.canberra....es/default.aspx

7 – 8 Nov 2015 KCC Top Gun Regatta http://www.kcc.asn.au/
14 - 15 Nov 2015 ACT Dinghy Champs http://canberrayc.com/

28-29 Nov, Kembla Klassic http://www.pksc.com.au/

28 Dec - 3 Jan, Paper Tiger National Champs, Wallaroo SA http://papertigercatamaran.org/aptca/

23/24 Jan, Mannering Pk Open Cat Regatta http://www.mannering.../temp/index.php

23-25 Jan, Paper Tiger NSW State Champs, Koonawarra http://nswptca.paper...ttas-and-events

26 Jan 2016 Australia Day Regatta, Port Kembla http://www.pksc.com.au/

26 Jan 2016 Australia Day Regatta, KCC http://www.kcc.asn.au/

6 Feb Concord Ryde 2016, Paper Tiger traveller race, Maricat Nationals http://www.concordrydesailing.org.au/

20 - 21 Feb 2016 Twofold Bay Regatta (Eden) http://www.twofoldba...-0-0&sID=64418#
28 Feb 2016 KCC Cock of the Bay http://www.kcc.asn.au/
5 - 6 March 2016 Lake Jindabyne Sailing Club regatta https://www.facebook.com/sailjindabyne

5 - 6 March 2016 Kembla Cats http://www.pksc.com.au/
13 - 14 March 2016 Wallagoot Lake Regatta http://wlbc.org.au/
23 - 24 April 2016 Batemans Bay Anzac Regatta http://bbsc.org.au/

30 April, BYRA marathon http://www.byra.org.au


Have deleted Coila Lake Regatta, as organisers told me it's been cancelled.

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