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14ft Cat sailing on Lake Illawarra


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PKSC has over a dozen 14 foot cats racing every Saturday afternoon .

IYC has 2 Windrush racing on the Sunday afternoons (maybe more PKSC cat sailors would like a Sunday sail this season?)

Oak Flats sailing club have a few older Maricats turn up on Sundays for all-day Social Sailing.

PKSC has the only Large Cat fleet with 6-8 Large Cats registered.

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We have 2 Windrush that will be dual registered this season with both the PKSC and IYC racing both Saturdays and Sundays.

Here is a thought for other PKSC Cat sailors:

We all know the rising costs of club racing which is sadly unavoidable however the IYC has minimal costs for Sunday racing. ($25 a year Rescue boat Petrol levy.$50 for YA membership and $3 for IYC Club membership,no weekly race fees)

Seeing as PKSC members are already paid YA members the $50 not apply.So thats $28 a year for a season of Sunday racing.An entire season to fine tune both Cats and skills with additional racing or just when the Saturday is a blow out and we need a sailing fix.Why not dual register and enjoy the benefits that IYC has to offer on Sundays at minimal additional expense to the PKSC Cat sailors.

Only needs 4 for a Series.

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