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Which cat for my son?

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Arafura or Impara Cadet


The Arafura's are still actively sailed and are a home built simple plywood construction boat that is an easy build for father and son to do over the winter

At 13  and 60kgs he is just about pefect for the Arafura capabilities and without doubt with some practice he'll soon be sticking it to hobie14's and 16's.

The arafura would see him right through to becoming a senior and as I did on my Impara sail against the seniors and beat them too.

I was nearly 19 and weighed 70kgs when I moved on from the impara, I also took out the senior trophy that year on my so-called jnr boat



Arafura links:







Impara cadet

These were a locally built plywood boat and saw a very strong support for them but only in our local region, sadly very few remain and even less are still sailed. I've sailed both the Arafura and Impara and in my opinion the Impara was certainly the faster boat but far less forgiving compared to the arafura. 

A single 14 foot version of the impara was built but it struck fear into well seasoned sailors with its flighty nature and its wicked tendency to nose-dive and cartwheel if you wern't paying attention ......... it was a handful for the best of sailors but in the right hands was extreamly fast.... a real through-bred !!! 

Very fond memory of sailing that 14footer one-up and passing a then new A-class catamaran on a broard reach only to nose it in at the bottom mark....... I also remember my dad sailing a 16'Mosquito catamaran and passing him too on more than the odd occasion









& yes if I could find an Impara that needed a home I'd be sailing it this coming season in the local competitions without hesitation...... bloody fast and fun boat..... and I'm not a kid anymore


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Hi pirate

My impara's hull repair (damaged in a race I beleive well before I got it) has seperated from the hull so now it leakes faster than a seive

I want to find a good home for it if you are interested as I wont get the time to repair it properly


(I dont know how this pm stuff works)

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I've sent you a PM Dave with my details attached......



to send a message to me via the forum........

hold the mouse cursor over my username in this post

a small window will drop down

in the bottom left of that window is a small tab marked send message

click that and you will be automatically redirected to a new window that will be ready for you to start typing your message



contact details removed

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