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Modify for Jib

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Mostly on a Maricat the jib is sheeted to an eye attached to the plate between the hull and the tramp.

Some boats have a track so that the sheeting position can be moved fore and aft.

If you have a standard jib, this position should be about level with the shrouds.

Rule of thumb: measure one third of the luff length (leading edge) up from the bottom (tack).

Draw an (imaginary) line from this point through the clew (where the sheet attaches) to the deck.

This is about where the block should be attached.

This should just about bisect the clew of the sail and put fairly equal pressure on the foot( bottom)and leech (back edge).

All sails are a bit different so it is a bit of trial and error, depending on cut and age.

And as we always say, find a sailing club and you will get lots of advise.

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