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New Maricat Sailor at Canberra

Pointed Reply

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On Sunday morning at the ACT Champs and State Titles, a new Maricat sailor turned up early with his "new" Maricat.

A quick chat revealed that Justin had just bought it and did not know much about Maricats.

It was rigged rather ..ummm ... unusually.

Across the morning the gathered Maricat sailors, rerigged, modified bits, gave advise (some good) and generally made him welcome. We took off the unnessary stuff, like boom vangs, added tell tales, changed the jib rigging, checked rudders. ( I think we all were involved except for Mick who was too busy converting his boat from a recycle centre back into a Maricat.)

Justin said he was a bit intimidated by being at a regatta but we convinced him to sail out with the fleet and join in. The wind was a great strength for a learner but to keep clear of the start, be careful when racing boats were mark rounding.

On the way to the start, between races and as we sailed past,we all gave tips and suggestions and encouragement .

By the end of the morning Justin was going really well, his boat performing better than it ever had, and Justin was building in confidence.

We are pretty sure that Justin will return and sail with YMCA with his new enthusiasm.

Now the Pont of this story ..... how many times do you hear new sailors say, I'm not good enough to sail at a regatta ! but in this circumstance Justin turned up and got advise on rigging and sailing from the best in the business ..... sailed in a safe, controlled environment with rescue boats to assist if required.

Justin sailed the course, cut corners to stay in touch and generally had a good time.

So if you have a boat, of any type, get down to your local sailing club and get involved.

I'm sure Justin learnt more in the couple of hours spend with the Maricat circus than years of mucking about by himself.

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Hey Pointed,


I was really looking forward to heading down over the weekend and meet some of you guys however it just didnt go that way. Dispite the over cast it looked like you guys had a bit of fun in the clips that were put up on facebook.


If theres anyone that is down Nowra Jervis bay way Im sailing down at the vincentia sailing club at the moment with my mari. Although it'll be off the water for a few weeks getting repaired.

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