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Windrush 14 renovation queries


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Hi all


Busily renovating a Windrush 14 ready for the upcoming summer in Adelaide (nothing serious, just some fun). It's an oldie - no forward hatches, etc; I presume it's a Mk1.
Have found the information on this forum very useful already, but a few queries remain that I hoped I might get some advice on:


1. Drain Plugs.
The existing transom plug threads seem to be like nothing else around. And I looked to replace the whole unit but the new ones extend outside the transom.
It looks as though the originals are Barton brand from the UK, judging by the shape. Does anyone know of a supplier in Australia?


2. Transom/Rudder Pintels.

The rivets into the transom are looking pretty dodgy; I was thinking of drilling out and replacing. However, feeling inside through the bung hole, I can't find the backs of the rivets.
Am I asking for trouble doing this? Are they fixed in some manner that I won't be able to replicate? Has anyone else tried this?
Any idea of the rivet size?
It almost looked as though the glass in the transom had delaminated a bit, although it appears good from the outside.


3. New hatches.
Planning on installing 5" hatches behind the front cross member. Will allow a bit of space so I'm not cutting the hull too close to where that beam attaches.
Is there anything else I need to be aware of, or advice from anyone who's done this?


Any advice on any of these issues would be much appreciated.





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Rudder mounts.

I made up small backing/anchor plates from 3mm thick Stainless flat-bar, narrow enough (20mm approx) to fit in though the bung hole (receptacle removed).

I had my local welder tack two 5mm stainless plain nuts over my pre-drilled 6mm holes.

You'll need to trim the plate ends quite close to the nut holes otherwise the plate will come up against the internal radius/corners of the hull. (I think from memory I rounded the edges also)


Drill out the old rivets, fit the nut plate via the bung hole with a little silicon and it should hold there if you need to remove the screws and fitting at a later date. 

i used quality 5mm Allen head screws (with spring washers for locking). 

Put your screws in wet with a sealant.


You'll end up with quite a strong mount.



Try taking the receptacle into your local marine shop. (Burnsco in NZ had them)


Sorry no advise on the hatch holes.

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