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Windrush 14 parts required


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Hello fellow Windrushers,


I have just purchased what appears to be a Mark 1 14 Windrush, supposed to be complete but unfortunately missing vital components.


I'm now looking for some cheapish secondhand parts:


Gooseneck (I have the black anodised mast with the track as part of the extrusion)


A set of blocks for the main sheet (upper and lower - one set of blocks is ratchetted?)


A pair of deep rudder assemblies  (mine are in bad shape). Blades are not required


I am aware that these parts are available from Windrush but unfortunately their pricing is out of my budget range at this stage.. 


Can anyone out there help please? I'm in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane.




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23 hours ago, Edwardg2 said:

Hi Dave I know that this might be a bit late but I do have a set of EPO rudders and assembly. Springs are still in good order, I gave them a spray of WD40 recently so I know that they are ok.

If you would like give me a yell and we can talk


Hello Ted,

I ended up buying another boat - this one is in very good condition for its age so now I have spare parts to sell!

Thanks for your offer though. 

Do you have a Windrush 14 yourself? I'd love to get some pics of the main sheet / traveller setup on yours. Someone has added a fitting to the rear beam on mine and some of the parts on the traveller have been removed. I cannot figure out how its supposed to work!



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